Innovation and ethics: activewear with a heart

2 Sundried-Made-from-Coffee

Flattering, comfortable work out gear makes the world of difference to persuading you to get active. It’s great when it’s the kind of thing you can wear all day, so you can grab a chance to exercise if it comes your way.

Most of the options available are polyester-based, an eco-disaster, made from a chemical reaction involving coal and petroleum.

But there are market disruptors out there, testing new, sustainable ways of making performance fabrics. I tested out the Sundried Grivola 2.0 top made from 100% recycled materials. And those recycled materials are….COFFEE GROUNDS. It’s an energy-saving process that finds a use for a waste product.


The Grivola tee made from coffee

Sundried is all about ethics. From charitable donations, partnership with The Low Carbon Innovation Fund and responsible treatment of everyone in their supply chain, it is a far cry from the mass-produced options with very dubious ethics.

So aesthetics and performance: It is flattering, with a loose fit, dropped hem and open neckline. I’ve used it for yoga and running and it worked well for both. On a muggy hot day, I was impressed at how it wicks sweat away while staying dry. I’ve also worn it with a pair of shorts; the silky, drapey cut was lovely to wear.

Boring but necessary stuff: It washes well and dries quickly. And you know those work-out tops that still look fine but seem to have some specially patented, wash-resistant  B.O. particles hidden within them so they get smelly really easily…. well that won’t be this top. The coffee has odour blocking properties to keep things fresh. And you won’t smell of coffee either, thank goodness.


Love the look of this hoody

Sundried is great for all-day active wear and standard workout gear, but it also does hardcore kit for competition and for triathletes. It makes me feel tempted to give triathlons a go again. The range is well worth looking at if you have a sporting challenge on the horizon.

This is performance gear with ethics and sustainability at its heart. It brings a whole new meaning to coffee on the go.

Currently, the clothes arrive in recycled plastic packaging, but the Sundried team are working on better options for this.

To find out more about the Sundried activewear range, look here:

I was given the Grivola tee in exchange for an honest review.


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