My very own X Factor

The People's book prize

With non-fiction writing, it all starts with the idea. Then you take your half-formed thoughts to a publisher (or many) and see if it captures their imagination too. If you are so lucky as to get the go-ahead, then the writing begins.

For me, working very part-time, with my daughter at home most of the week, this took a while – about a year and a half. This included working with photographers Phil Barnes and James Williamson, as well as my illustrator, Stephanie Laurence, to get all the beautiful photos and drawings done.

Next the detail bit – painstaking editing with my editor Sadie Mayne and then the design and the proof-reading. I’ve probably missed out lots of behind the scenes stuff that Green Books did for me too. Simultaneously, the sales and promotion kicks in. All before the book even hits the shelves.

It’s a long and fascinating road and I’ve enjoyed it all and learnt masses, but the reality is enough to put thoughts of best-sellers, glamorous book tours and black-tie awards ceremonies to the very back of my mind.

But then I heard that my book had been nominated for  The People’s Book Prize. This is an award that is given by the public, who simply vote for the newly published book that they love. It’s all about discovering us newbie authors, all passionate about our subjects and on the exciting journey of working out how we tell the world about our books.

It’s a bit X Factor style (although luckily without Simon Cowell or singing) because the public vote is what counts. The top three books from each section (I’m Non-Fiction) will go through to the next round. Best of all, there is a posh black-tie dinner in London for finalists to attend, which could just be the hint of razzle dazzle that I need.

So, without further ado, the voting lines are now open… will you, please?

Give a first time author a small taste of the glamour by voting here.

Thank you 🙂 xx




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