Guinea love… cute picture warning

photo 1

I’ve discovered a new type of love. One that I never expected and that brings me great happiness.

Oh it’s not that painful, all-encompassing love I have for my children, where I am forever scared of how I may lose this beautiful thing.  Or the deep comfort (with flashes of passion) for my man, tinged with a hint of regret that I’m not exactly the person he married (a bit tireder, grumpier, bossier).

No, this is a pure and simple love that came out of nowhere and makes me smile every day. It is the love of a fully grown woman for two cute and cuddly guinea pigs named Thomas and Twiggles.

We decided to get the children some guinea pigs last year. I was raised with pets and I believe they teach children such a lot about love, life, death and responsibility. I’ll never forget the joy of finally taming an abandoned, feral kitten when I was eight. The dedication and perseverance gave me a wonderful friend and furry pillow.

I was fully prepared for doing my share of the work (that’s their share when I can’t be bothered to nag). However, I am pretty strict on maintaining the children’s input in mucking out and topping up food and water, as well as daily handling of the little guys. I’m always glad to get a cuddle too.

photo 2

I expected to like them… but not to love them. But, there is nothing like a guinea pig snoozing on your lap to calm you down when you are stressed. There is nothing like the simple pleasure of watching them frolic and graze in the garden. It’s a very simple love, without angst or fear, and maybe that comes from knowing they are only with us for five or so years and we have to make the most of them.

There, it’s official: I heart Tom ‘n’ Twigs


5 thoughts on “Guinea love… cute picture warning

  1. For some reason, I can’t see any of the photos (and I REALLY want to see them). Love guinea pigs! I’m determined Freya will have pets 🙂

    • That’s weird! i can’t deprive anyone of cuteness so I’ll have an edit and see what I can do!! x

    • Hopefully it will be ok now! Did you have pets when you were a child?

      • Yay! I can see them. You’re right. SO CUTE! Yes, I had rabbits but I desperately, desperately wanted a dog and used to try and train the rabbits to be dogs. I was 15 (and very poorly with glandular fever) when I finally wore them down and we got Gem the Lhasa Apso who was stuck up and didn’t like walking or being petted. My parents instantly treated her like a new (and favourite) child.

  2. Gem sounds a bit of a diva! Luckily the guinea pigs don’t have any airs or graces (although they do have very definite personalities). Our cat is rather grumpy though (although the kids adore her).

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